Evacuation Chairs

If access to the emergency exits in your place of business require the use of stairs, there's a good chance that your business requires an emergency evacuation chair in place. 

An emergency evacuation chair allows disabled, injured or elderly people or pregnant women to negotiate stairs in the event of an emergy evacuation. 

ExitMaster Versa Evacuation Chair


Capacity: 180kg
Stair Angle: 28-42°
Weight: 14.6kg
Landing Size: 80 x 80 cm min
Dimensions Stored: H104 x W50 x D29cm

Eximaster Versa

The Versa Emergency Evacuation Chair from ExitMaster is a tried and tested, easy to use evacuation method for the disabled, elderly, injured or pregnant.  

The Versa chair employs ExitMaster's unique 'StairBlade' technology, a self-braking track belt system that ensures incredible grip on all stair types. The design also features 4 automatically deployed wheels for traversing hallways and landings, with 2 front caster wheels for better maneuverability in tight spaces. 

Package Includes

  • Operation Handbook
  • Fitted Cover
  • Wall Mounting Bracket 
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