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Why Is Fire Safety Training In The Workplace Important?

30th Mar 2022


Fire safety within the workplace is vital for both employer and employees.

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) act  Order of 2005, all business owners have a legal obligation to provide staff with relevant fire safety training.

This is designed to ensure that workers are suitably prepared in the event of an emergency. The aim is to minimise risk to life and property and ensure that a safe evacuation can be carried out.

There are various benefits to undertaking workplace fire safety training. In this article we’ll focus on the advantages for staff members themselves.


Workplace Fire Safety Training

Regardless of whether you employ a few or a few hundred people, it’s essential that all employees know what to do should a fire break out.

Those on your payroll expect their working environment to be a safe place. Not fully understanding the procedures in place to tackle an emergency may cause them to feel uneasy.

Not only does workplace fire safety training clarify what to do in an emergency, it also concentrates on preventative measures which lower the risk of fires and similar hazards.


In recent years many workplaces have been working from home or away from the office. This has placed great importance on rebuilding work relationships and reassembling a team.

If your department hasn't met in quite a while, it serves to combine a reunion with fire safety training.

Teambuilding activities aid the development of trust, communication, and collaboration in the workplace. They are proven to help create a company culture. What better way to learn?

Life Skills


Fire safety training is not just a skill that your employees can apply in the workplace. Indeed, it can also be adopted in everyday situations.

The ability to retain composure under pressure can lead to a better outcome for all.

Legal duties

Workplace Fire Safety Training - Red Box Fire Control

As stated previously, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) legislation of 2005 dictates that all employers have a legal responsibility to provide staff with workplace fire safety training.

Such learning, or lack thereof, is usually picked up in an annual fire risk assessment or annual review of same.

All training should take place during your employees' working hours and should be relevant to their work environment.

Red Box Fire Control’s fire safety training can be conducted at either your location or our own premises, whichever is more convenient for your business.

It’s abundantly clear that workplace fire safety training is not only a legal requirement for business owners, but it also comes with multiple benefits for employees. By ensuring that staff are properly trained in how to deal with a fire, you can help to create a safer working environment and provide peace of mind for everyone involved.

If you’d like more information on our bespoke fire safety training courses, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Red Box Fire Control is proud to celebrate over 35 years in the fire safety industry.

Over this time we've grown in knowledge and expertise, focussing on supporting businesses with their compliance in a friendly yet efficient manner.

We are confident that we're able to provide our customers with a high level of professionalism and industry insight. Add to this our commitment to integrity, and when it comes to fire safety you can expect peace of mind unmatched by other suppliers.

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