Fire Safety or cheap extinguishers?

Fire Safety is important! We don't believe that compromise is a good idea when it comes to protecting lives and valuables.

If you need Fire Safety equipment we recommend that proper advice is followed. Don't just buy the cheapest extinguishers avaiable online and hope that you are adequately covered. It is not as simple as buying office stationery!

Here are some of the problems you could end up with if you buy cheap extinguishers online without proper advice: -

  • The wrong type of extinguisher for the risk
  • The wrong type of extinguisher for your environment
  • Budget extinguishers which are made to a price rather than a standard
  • No installation service or advice specific to your premises on where to locate the extinguishers
  • No maintenence regime, so you have to find a local service company to maintain the equipment
  • Problems with spares for obscure overseas products
  • Complications later if the maintenance company finds faults with the equipment
  • Warranty issues
  • The hassle of returning heavy and bulky goods if they are faulty or unsuitable
  • No one to turn to for Fire Safety advice specific to your business
  • Obtaining and fitting the correct signs to go with the equipment according to the Safety Signs and Signals Regulations.

We have had many experiences of customers turning to us with these kinds of problems!

Naturally we do all we can to help, but it is such a shame to see busy people wasting their time and money!

Far better to do it right first time!  For a cost effective, honest service that will leave you with the assurance that you have provided the highest level of Fire Safety for yourself and those in your care, contact us today.

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