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Are you responsible for Fire Safety? If so, you should have a Fire Safety Strategy in place. This can be more or less detailed as appropriate to your business.

Fire Safety Strategy

There are various ways to formulate a Fire Safety Strategy. Our method is to follow the outline given in the “Publicly Available Specification PAS911: 2007 Fire strategies - Guidance and framework for their formulation”. There is a link to this on our Fire Safety Legislation page.

In order to create of a Fire Safety Strategy, we look at the following areas:

What goes into the process

  • Management and systems audit
  • Mandatory framework
  • Objectives setting
  • Fire Hazard and Risk Assessment
  • Building characteristics
  • Occupant characteristics
  • Strategy formulation

What comes out of the process

  • Fire Policy statement
  • Fire Safety (management) strategy
  • Evacuation and Staff Training strategy
  • Fire and smoke control strategy
  • Fire fighting strategy
  • Fire protection strategy

From evaluating all of these, a complete Fire Safety Strategy is developed.

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For many Managers, Fire Safety is just one of their responsibilities, and they just don't have the time or resources to tackle everything. If you need help with your Fire Safety Management, or any of the elements above, contact us today using the form on the left, or call 0800 018 4646.

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