Fire Risk Assessment For Businesses

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     By law, employers are required to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment.


 The Three Areas Of Fire Risk Assessment

  • The File of Evidence Audit - the building, its uses, activities and fire safety measures.
  • The Fire Safety Management Audit- how the Responsible Persons manage fire safety.
  • The Fire Safety Training Audit - what Fire Safety Training or instruction is received by users of the building.

A comprehensive Report and Action Plan is provided detailing any significant findings and classifying them according to the level of risk, showing who is responsible and the degree of urgency with which they should be addressed. 

Why choose Red Box Fire Control?

  • We are ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assured.
  • We have experienced and qualified auditors.
  • We carry professional indemnity insurance.
  • Our reports are easy to follow and user-friendly.

To request a quotation for your Fire Risk Assessment, please complete the short enquiry form on the left of this page, or call 0800 018 4646.

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