Fire Safety Training and Risk Assessment DVDs 



Content Summary

fpa action

Action in the Event of Fire
A guide to workplace fire procedures

12 min

Protect staff and premises -and meet your legal obligations - by training employees about the proper sequence of actions to take in the event of fire.

fpa warden


The Role of the Fire Warden

Front Line Fire Safety


11 min

Basic risk assessment, arson awareness, hazard spotting, escape routes, action in the event of fire, fire drill, and roll call are all covered in this updated version.


fpa extinguishers

Extinguishing Fires at Work

19 min

Shows staff receiving training in the identification, choice and use of the different types of extinguishers, fire blankets and hose reels.

fpa risk


Fire Risk Assessment at Work
Guidance for employers and staff



20 min

Based on a true story of a company hit by a serious fire, whose employees are now learning to carry out fire risk assessment. Includes identifying hazards, removing, reducing or managing them, and preparing a management plan.

fpa managing


Managing Fire Safety at Work
The collection


 62 min

All the above titles on a single DVD.

These are professionally produced titles from the Fire Protection Association, and are widely used for Staff Fire Safety Training in industrial, commercial and institutional applications where Live Training is not viable.

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Fire Warden Training 

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