Fire Safety When Planning Large Scale Events

As an event organiser, one of your primary concerns should be visitor safety. Protecting each and every visitor of your event should be as high in your priority list as ensuring that they are having an enjoyable time. Part of this consideration is making sure that every aspect of fire safety is considered as any poor planning or thoughtlessness, can be life threatening.

hire eventFire Risk Assessment

The first and foremost consideration for fire safety during events is an accurate and thorough fire risk assessment. The fire risk assessment should not only take into account fire safety during the event, but fire safety in setting up the event and closing down.

The fire risk assessment should be an organised and methodical analysis of the premises that is hosting the event, events that are happening and an examination of potential fires, hazards etc. The primary aims of the fire risk assessment are to; identify fire hazards, reduce the fire risk of those hazards to a minimum, and to set out physical fire precautions and management arrangements to ensure the safety of people on the premises if a fire does start.

For more information on the difference between Fire Hazard and Fire Risk, read our blog here.

Fire Equipment Hire

An important part of the fire risk assessment for your events and subsequent over-arching fire safety, is to ensure that the correct and adequate fire-fight equipment and facilities are established. The need for fire fighting equipment, such as fire extinguishers, will vary from event to event. However, the benefit of having adequate and portable fire safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers, and plenty of staff trained to use them, allows small fires to be quickly tackled before they become a larger danger.

Special considerations should also be made to ensure that the correct types of fire extinguishers are available across the event. Events with large amounts of electronics should have plenty of Carbon Dioxide extinguishers available, particularly near hazards. However, motoring events should have a greater number of Dry Powder extinguishers. These considerations will be established during a thorough fire risk assessment.

Event Safety

Fire risk assessments and a subsequent fire safety plan will outline roles and responsibilities of staff for fire safety, to ensure that members of staff are clear on their duties and are correctly trained for all eventualities outlines in the fire risk assessment. The plan will also describe, in detail, emergency procedures for the whole of the event (set-up through close down), including visitor evacuation and fire fighting drills as well as communication procedures.

Our Events Fire Safety service will cater for every stage of fire safety planning, click here to find out more.

Fire safety and proper risk assessment during events are not optional extras. Correct planning, training and execution of fire safety protocols is an absolute necessity to ensure the safe and secure operation of an event. We recommend that you hire a dedicated professional service to handle this aspect of events management for you.

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