Fire Safety during Bonfire Events

If your business is conducting an event this bonfire season, we don’t need to tell you the importance of proper fire safety measures to ensure the wellbeing of attendees at your events. However, planning a large scale bonfire night or firework display requires vast planning and when it comes to public safety during events, you can never be too careful.

Here’s a quick checklist for event organisers to go through before the event day to ensure that you have all the bases covered.



  • Ensure that visitors do not bring their own fireworks to the event, including sparklers.
  • All visitors should be aware of available exits, first aid points and fire fighting equipment.
  • Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum, away from fire/fireworks until safe.
  • Ensure that all ‘staff’ have torches with spare batteries and a means of communication, such as two-way radio.


Fireworks are a great crowd pleaser, but they should only be on display if you have a team of experienced adults in a safe area.

  • Make sure that all fireworks are marked with British Standard Number BS7114
  • Store fireworks in a metal container with a lid
  • Light fireworks with a taper or similar device to avoid burns
  • Only have 1 person lighting fireworks at a time
  • Situate the crowd and parking upwind of the display to avoid falling debris
  • Observe safety distances recommended on fireworks
  • Never attempt to relight a firework


Whilst a bonfire is a nice thing to have on a cold night, do not have one if you feel it’s a stretch to host one. Choose between a firework display and a bonfire if the manpower and safety precautions cannot cover to both.

  • Do not use substances such as petrol to accelerate the bonfire’s ignition.
  • Double and triple check the bonfire for hiding animals, pets or children before lighting.
  • Never put fireworks on the bonfire
  • Ensure there is an adequate safety barrier around the bonfire.


  • Ensure that people in the surrounding area of the event are aware and that any animals should be kept indoors
  • Provide plenty of water buckets for used sparklers to be deposited into.
  • Inform the local authorities of your plans
  • Consider purchasing Third Party Liability Insurance.

Fire Fighting Equipment

We recommend that all firework and bonfire displays have an adequate amount of:

  • Class A Water Fire Extinguishers
  • Hose Water Supply
  • Buckets of Water and Sand
  • Fire Beaters
  • Fire Blankets

Over preparation in the event of a problem is much better than under preparation.

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