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A Guide to Making Your Domestic Premises Safe From Fire

13th Jul 2023

Chip Fat | Red Box Fire Control

As well as causing severe damage to property, fire kills.  With Government statistics showing almost 400 people died in house fires in 2018, (HM Gov 2023) we can see just how important it is to take proactive measures to protect your home and yourself from fire. There are several things you can do straight away:


1.         Install Smoke Alarms

A quarter of household deaths were in properties with no working smoke alarm. These alarms are a reliable early warning system, giving you and your family time to get out fast, before fire takes hold. You should install smoke alarms in every room, including bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. You can even connect your smoke alarms, so if one alarm goes off, they all do. You can buy individual smoke alarms from just £10 to £15. If you’re in rented property, it’s up to the landlord to make sure your smoke alarms are installed and working when you arrive, but after that it’s up to you. Most modern alarms have a test button. Use it every month.


2.         Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are a must-have in every home. They can help put out small fires before they get out of control. Keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, garage, and any other area where there is a risk of fire. A fire blanket in the kitchen is advisable if you cook with oils or fats. Make sure everyone in the house knows how to use the equipment.


3.         Electrical Wires and Appliances

Faulty wires and appliances are one of the leading causes of house fires. Regularly inspect your wiring, sockets, and appliances to ensure they are in good working order. Replace any damaged or frayed wires and never overload plugs and power sockets.


4.         Avoid Smoking indoors

Smoking indoors is dangerous, and can quickly lead to a fire. Around 1 in 10 fires start from smoking materials. If you do smoke, do it outside, and dispose of your cigarette butts in an ashtray.


5.         Keep your Things Away from Heat

Combustible materials such as curtains, tea towels and paper should be kept away from heat sources such as cookers, heaters, and fireplaces. Ensure that your curtains don’t touch the heater. Store flammable liquids and chemicals safely away from heat sources.

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6.         Be Safe in the Kitchen

Cooking is the leading cause of trouble with half of all house fires starting in the kitchen. Never leaving cooking unattended, turn off the stove when not in use, and pay special attention when using cooking oil.


7.         Electric scooters

You might have heard from recent news reports of catastrophic domestic fires and explosions caused by recharging e-scooters at home. These incidents are on the increase. The Lithium batteries are the problem. They can produce explosive flammable gasses and are very difficult to extinguish. If you need to recharge these, we suggest using an outbuilding. Don’t leave them on charge overnight in the house.


8.         Have an Escape Plan

This is crucial for safety of your family. Make sure that everyone in your family knows the plan and practice it regularly. Make lots of noise and don’t assume your children are awake. In a recent study researchers worked with more than 640 children to determine whether a standard fire alarm will wake them up. They found that the majority slept through the alarm or woke only briefly before falling back to sleep. (Staff, 2020) Get everyone out and meet at a designated space well away from danger.



8.         Maintain Chimneys and Fireplaces

Old chimneys and fireplaces are a real fire risk if not correctly maintained. If you do have an open fire, get your chimney swept every year. Never leave your fire unattended and use a good quality fire guard.


9.         Keep Children Away from Fire Hazards

Children are fascinated by fire. It’s our job to keep them safe. Never leave them alone in the house. Keep matches, lighters, and candles hidden away, and teach them about fire safety as soon as they can understand.


10.       Consider Installing a Sprinkler System

Installing a sprinkler system can be an effective way to prevent a small fire from spreading and causing severe damage. A sprinkler system can help contain or extinguish a fire within a given room and give you enough time to evacuate safely.


In summary, making your domestic premises safe from fire requires a proactive approach. You

must take preventative measures to minimise the risk of fire and ensure the safety of your family and property. Installing smoke alarms, keeping fire extinguishers, inspecting electrical wires and appliances, avoiding smoking indoors, and keeping flammable materials away from heat sources are some of the steps you can take. Practice safe cooking habits, have a fire escape plan, maintain chimneys and fireplaces, keep children away from fire hazards.


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