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Why You Should Use a Fire Extinguisher Stand

14th Jul 2022

Fire Extinguisher Double Stand - Red Box Fire Control

Fire extinguishers are a critical component of your office layout. However, they’ll spend most of their time waiting diligently in case of emergency; and for this reason, you need them to be just as practical in your office space as any essential furnishing.

Handily, there’s more than one way to store a fire extinguisher – including on a fire extinguisher stand. But why should you consider one?

Here’s four key reasons why a fire extinguisher stand could be right for you…

1. Fire extinguisher stands help you to keep your walls and workspace free from damage.

Whether your business is renting a property or you’re simply keen to keep it looking good, fire extinguisher stands allow you to avoid any potential damage that could otherwise come from fixing extinguisher brackets to the walls.

It’s almost inevitable that your fire extinguisher will be accidentally knocked during the hustle and bustle of business activity – for example by a stationery trolley or a vacuum cleaner. If this happens, a fire extinguisher stand will prevent damage to the walls or floors. 

2. Fire extinguisher stands enable versatile placement options.

Your business requirements will no doubt change over time, and this could involve some layout updates, too. A fire extinguisher that sits comfortably in a stand can be easily moved from one location to the next, suiting the flow of your interiors without the need to arduously fit new mounts or re-arrange signage.

3. Fire extinguisher stands make the correct placement clear.

No fire extinguisher should ever find itself tucked under a table or propping open a door. However, if it’s sitting around with no clear ‘home’, the likelihood of an extinguisher being used for the wrong purpose will increase.

By putting your fire extinguisher in a stand, it’ll be obvious where it belongs – and very obvious if it’s missing!

4. Fire extinguisher stands are easy to spot in an emergency.

If a fire breaks out, it’s vital that an extinguisher is quick and easy to locate.

Fire extinguisher stands are often bright red, making them more obvious than standard signage and hanging extinguishers.  This isn’t just an aesthetic touch – it could be lifesaving.

To help with general visibility, the British Standard BS5306 Part 8:2012 states that extinguishers should be mounted with the handle a specific distance from the ground, depending on the overall weight of the extinguisher.

However, sometimes it’s not possible to mount an extinguisher at a certain height - for example, on a wall with low windows, or a wall that’s weak. The height regulations don’t apply if the extinguisher is in a stand, so using one may make it easier for you to remain compliant while also ensuring maximum visibility.

If in doubt you should seek advice.

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