Why Use A Fire Extinguisher Stand

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, and the more recent British Standard BS5306 8:2012, strict rules have been established to ensure that fire fighting equipment is always where it’s meant to be and always easy to find.

(1) Where necessary (…) the responsible person must ensure that

(a) the premises are, to the extent that it is appropriate, equipped with appropriate fire-fighting equipment and with fire detectors and alarms; and

(b) any non-automatic fire-fighting equipment so provided is easily accessible, simple to use and indicated by signs.

 – Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) 2005

The British Standard BS5306 Part 8:2012 states that extinguishers should be mounted with the handle a specific distance from the ground depending on the overall weight of the extinguisher. This often causes people to believe that this is the only way they can be stored. However, the British Standard goes on to state:

“Extinguishers may also be positioned on fire-stands, fire points or in cabinets, in which case these height recommendations need not be followed.”

This is to allow for scenarios where it’s not possible to mount an extinguisher at a certain height, for example a wall with low windows or a weak wall.

In these situations, we recommend a Fire Extinguisher Stand.


Fire Extinguisher StandBasic Business Benefits

The initial benefits to a business are that the stands cause no damage to the walls from fixing of extinguisher brackets. They require no drilling, tools or specialist knowledge to use.

Additionally, they deliver excellent long term protection for surrounding areas. Extinguishers are less likely to scuff walls and floors when being moved or knocked by everyday traffic. This also prevents any chance of the fire extinguisher being pulled off the wall from a hard knock, reducing the chances of damage to the wall and fire extinguisher.

Fire Extinguisher Stands are also a less ‘permanent’ placement option. Should your workplace need to change layout, the stand can simply be placed in a different location with little effect on signage, wall mounts, or other logistics.

Finally, the stand acts as a ‘home’ for the extinguisher, deterring people from removing it for undesirable purposes, such as propping open a door.

Life Saving Benefits

Besides the simple benefits to a business, a standard Fire Extinguisher Stand has real world, potentially lifesaving benefits. The stand serves as a bright red sign in an emergency, more obvious than standard signage and hanging extinguishers. This makes them easier to see during the panic of an emergency, potentially saving lives.

If you think a Fire Extinguisher Stand is the right choice for your company, or would like some more information. Contact us now.

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