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Case Study: Tigers Day Nurseries

21st Mar 2023


Red Box Fire Control recently provided fire training to the team at Tigers Day Nurseries in Thatcham, Berkshire.

This session covered all aspects of fire safety, including preventative measures, response procedures and the role of the Fire Wardens.

We also spent time detailing the different types of fires and what they entail.

A half day training session encompassed practical demonstrations and live fire practice, which provided delegates with hands-on experience dealing with real flames.


Time was also dedicated to covering legal obligations and the responsibilities that lie with designated Fire Wardens.

This information helped staff gain a thorough understanding of the part they can play in maintaining safety throughout the workplace, particularly when it comes to identifying common hazards.

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Once the session had concluded, all delegates received an individual certificate, making for a productive day.

Tigers Day Nurseries' staff members are now equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, and confidence to protect their children and staff should a fire ever break out.

"The course and instructor were very informative and made a very serious subject actually fun to learn about and assess our existing knowledge. The practical session was held in a way that everyone could take part and get some first-hand experience of fighting a real fire and using the firefighting equipment.

Overall, the course was great value for money and we feel much more ably equipped to deal with an emergency in the future. Thank you."

Jane Tubb

Operations Manager

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Red Box Fire Control is proud to celebrate over 35 years in the fire safety industry.

Over this time we've grown in knowledge and expertise, focussing on supporting businesses with their compliance in a friendly yet efficient manner.

We are confident that we're able to provide our customers with a high level of professionalism and industry insight. Add to this our commitment to integrity, and when it comes to fire safety you can expect peace of mind unmatched by other suppliers.

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