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Foamspray Extinguishers

Foam Spray Extinguishers | Red Box Fire Control

Suitable for: Mixed class A (combustibles) and class B (flammables) risks. Has passed 35kV electrical conductivity test

Available in the following sizes:

  • 2 Litre
  • 3 Litre
  • 6 Litre
  • 9 Litre

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Red Box Fire Control is proud to celebrate over 30 years in the fire safety industry.

Over this time we've grown in knowledge and expertise, focussing on supporting businesses with their compliance in a friendly yet efficient manner.

We are confident that we're able to provide our customers with a high level of professionalism and industry insight. Add to this our commitment to integrity, and when it comes to fire safety you can expect peace of mind unmatched by other suppliers.

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