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Evacuation Route Signs

Hanging Fire Exit Sign | Red Box Fire Control

Red Box Fire Control’s fire evacuation signs come in clear 5mm acrylic with polished edges, or polycarbonate with matt edges. Our BS style vinyl design leaves a 10mm clear space all around the sign, making it easily visible from a distance.

The fire evacuation signs are available as double sided or single sided, with the option of a plain white rear. Our prestige hanging kit includes an anodised aluminium top boss and bottom clamp, along with a 1.5mm steel cable for easy installation. Custom sizes are also available upon request.

For a more premium option, we also offer polished or brushed stainless steel fire evacuation signs. The signs feature an etched and filled BS style design with a 10mm steel border all around. The small radius corner adds an extra element of safety to our signs.

If you prefer a double-sided fire evacuation sign, we offer two signs back-to-back, with a plain steel rear panel available for single sided signs when they are able to be viewed from the rear.

We also offer polished lacquered brass fire evacuation signs with brass fittings for a more elegant look. Custom sizes are available for this option as well. If you're on a budget, our white rigid plastic signs are an affordable option, with fitting available as above or through a budget clip and wire ceiling hanger.

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