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With Fire Safety being such an important issue in the work place, it is vital to get proper advice in order to achieve an integrated Fire Safety solution. For example there is little value in purchasing a selection of extinguishers if your staff don't know how to use them!

In our opinion it is therefore NOT the kind of field where it is advisable to "shop" for items of equipment unless you really know your subject.

When you call Red Box Fire Control you can expect: -

  • The right advice for your kind of business.
  • The correct types and sizes of extinguishers for your risks.
  • The correct safety sign for each situation.
  • No over selling.
  • The best materials for your level of décor.
  • An integrated approach including Staff Training and Fire Risk Assessment where appropriate.

At the end of our visit you will receive a value for money proposal to achieve your Fire Safety objectives. You won't be left guessing which equipment to buy!

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