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Fire Blankets

Fire Blanket

Fire blankets are used where extinguishers are not suitable for the given risk.

Typically they are used in commercial and domestic kitchens to tackle cooking oil fires. If a fire extinguisher is aimed into a burning pan the sudden expansion of gas as it is forced under the surface of the oil could cause the oil to burst out of the pan, spreading the fire. A fire blanket on the other hand smothers the fire, starving it of oxygen.

Safety note: A pan which has been involved in such a fire must never be moved until it has cooled down, which will be much longer than you might think.

Fire blankets in larger sizes are also used where people work near flammable liquids. A victim whose clothes were alight would be laid on the ground and the blanket used to wrap around them, again smothering the fire.

(See also Class F Extinguishers, which have been developed specifically to tackle the risk from modern high temperature cooking oils.)

Fire Buckets

Fire Buckets
  • Usually filled with sand to stop flammable liquids from spreading.
  • Suitable for garage forecourts and car parks.
  • Wall bracket available separately.

Extinguisher stands

Extinguisher Stand

Why use stands?

Extinguishers need a permanent home so that they are not misplaced or used as doorstops.

Stands have several benefits over wall fixing: -

  • No damage to walls.
  • Removes risk of extinguisher being torn out of wall by passing trolleys etc.
  • Ideal where walls are unstable or dry lined.
  • Easily re-positioned to accommodate changing office layout.
  • Constructed from tough and durable non GRP plastic - suitable for food preparation areas.
  • Smart easy to maintain appearance.
  • Available in red or silver-grey.
  • Extinguisher identification sign can be fixed at the top of the stand.
  • Double stands can be provided with eyelets and tags to prevent accidental swapping of the extinguishers and keep them from being used as door stops!

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Extinguisher cabinets

Extinguisher Cabinets

Single, double or vehicle models available.

  • Wall, floor or vehicle mounting options.
  • Internal retaining straps.
  • Extremely tough rotationally moulded plastic.
  • Neoprene weather seal around door.
  • Vision panel for easy extinguisher status check.

Extinguisher covers

Extinguisher Covers
  • Red pvc with clear vision panel.
  • Medium and Large versions.
  • Gives medium protection to extinguishers located out doors. (For full protection see Cabinets above.)
  • Prevents casual tampering with extinguisher seal and pin.

Break glass key box

Glass Key Box
  • Used where a low use fire exit must be locked by key.
  • Spare glasses available singly or in packs.

Rotary hand bell

Rotary Hand Bell
  • Robust, tried and tested design.
  • Gives 60dB sound level at up to 35 metres.
  • Aluminium construction for durability.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Ideal for Construction and Camping sites or temporary installations.

Extinguisher Trolleys

Fire Extinguisher Trolleys
  • Single or double designs.
  • Robust powder coated steel construction.
  • Solid rubber tyres.
  • Available with Fire Bucket as optional extra.
  • Available with Rotary Hand Bell fitted as option
  • Ideal For Petrol Forecourts and Construction Sites.

Many other accessories are available including: -

  • Portable battery operated Site Alarms
  • Escape Ladders and Davy Descenders
  • Dorguard Automatic Fire Door Release
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